Nino Parrucca

Octo - Handmade ceramic dinner plate


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Handmade by: Nino Parrucca Ceramiche

Color: White

Material: Ceramic

Dimension: 26 cm.  


About the Product:

Octo range of ceramic dinnerware set is a must have to make your tableware collection chic and grand at the same time because of its unique beach inspired tablescape. Octo Dinner plate which is handmade from ceramic is new and has an exclusive handmade design made specifically for Dishesonly range of ceramic tableware by Nino Parrucca ceramic artisans.

This dinner set project was designed and defined by aritsans of Dishesonly together with Nino Parrucca. The design pattern showcases a whimsical ocean floor, the white dinner plate with a red coral and yellow shells at the bottom; on top, the fish with her yellow bubbles in a continuum with the bubbles of the plate; on the side, the octopus looking at the scene.

A fun and the stylish interplay of sea life. Quality and durability guaranteed!

NOTE: Possible imperfections are due to the handmade nature of each item.

About the Collection:

Nino Parrucca is an international well-known brand of the Sicilian Ceramic. Son of art, from his early childhood, Nino was initiated into the world of craft in the “studio” of his parents.

Nino Parrucca has more than 45 years of experience in pottery and has exhibited his works in fairs, exhibitions, and galleries all over the world. Just to mention a few:

 - Tokyo, where he was also chosen for the production of a ceramic symbol of the 1998 Olympic Winter Games
 - Washington 1999: competition held for the symbol of the new Millennium and awarded by President Bill Clinton
 - Andrew cross donated to Pope John Paul II, displayed in the Vatican Halls
 - "The Galleries" on Fifth Avenue in New York
 - Sydney, Singapore, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Los Angeles, Dubai, Paris, Melbourne, Chicago, Hong Kong.

Made in Sicily signed by Nino Parrucca, is considered art, pride and national heritage. Each dish is a unique piece. 

Care Instructions:  

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Do not place in microwave.



    Nino Parrucca

    Octo - Handmade ceramic dinner plate


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