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Coffee Tea Team - Unique designer Cup

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Item | Antonia e Duilio

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Handmade by: Nicoletta studio

Color: White base 

Material: Porcelain


- Antonia e Duilio - dotted pattern: 10 cm. diameter, 11 cm. h. (total lenght with handle 14,5 cm.)

- Matilde e Cesare - green and yellow:  10 cm. diameter, 9-13 cm. h. (total lenght with handle 14-15 cm.)

- Carmela e Ottavio - double cups:  6,5 - 7 cm. diameter, 14,5 - 16,5 cm. h. (total lenght with handle 13 - 16 cm.)


About the Product:

Coffee Tea Team is a collection designed to enjoy and bring a little art into everyday life. The cups are sold in set of two. For one please contact us.

Each cup is one of a kind and created completely by hand, providing inspiration for a more unusual way to drink coffee and tea.

The artist plays with porcelain through color, form and texture. She invented the “double face cup”: flip to drink an espresso, and flip again to drink a tea or cappuccino.

Meet Antonia e Duilio with their curly handle and dotted pattern.

Matilde e Cesare with his golden robe and shell feet.

Carmela e Ottavio double side cup, absolutely unique.

The extravagant shapes and designs of the Coffee Tea Team collection are a tribute to Italian craftsmanship or rather to craftswomanship!

NOTE: Possible imperfections are due to the handmade nature of each item.

About the Collection:

Nicoletta is a self-taught artisan that owns her own small beautiful studio in Rome, Italy. She creates bespoke collections of individually hand-crafted pieces for your home, ranging from vases, to tea and coffee cups, trays, bowls and much more. Each piece reflects her unique style, creating incredibly original and innovative porcelain pieces you’ll cherish forever.

Care Instructions:

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Variant: Antonia e Duilio
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  • Product Type: Porcelain

Coffee Tea Team - Unique...

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Antonia e Duilio

Italy's charm lies in its remarkable regional diversity.

From the snowy peaks of the Alps in the north to the sun-kissed shores of Sicily in the south, each region boasts its own unique culture, history, and artistic expression.

The difference is not just in the landscapes but also in the architectural styles, culinary traditions, and local customs.

The diversity is so profound that traveling from one region to another feels like stepping into a different country, offering an endless exploration of Italy's multifaceted beauty.