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Cofane Bianche - Handmade Ceramic Bowls

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Handmade: Italy, Rome

Color: White 

Material: Ceramic


Large Deep Bowl: 30 x 10 cm.

Medium Deep Bowl: 25 x 10 cm.

Small Deep Bowl: 18 x 6 cm.

Large Flat Bowl: 27 x 8 cm.

Medium Flat Bowl: 23 x 7.5 cm


About the Product:

In the Italian tradition, a "cofana" is a metal container with two handles used mainly by masons to transport materials from one place to another; in the Roman dialect it means also "tureen". The Italian artisans of Forme Rome reinvented the cofana as a handmade stylish rustic-chic ceramic bowl.

Lying between the Sanpietrini -  the typical pavement stone of Rome - or on an aged wood table, Cofana shows all of its character: sturdy, bold, elegant, shining, with a rustic-chic look that conveys an entertaining vibe.

The Cofane Bianche bowls come in three different sizes and two depths and are in an elegant white color, as suggested by their name Bianche, but are also available in antique gold color.

Play around matching different sizes and don't worry about space: they're stackable for easy storage.

About the Collection:

Based in Rome, Forme is an authentic "art studio", applying artistic techniques of decoration and restoration to each of its handcrafted and unique objects.

Surrounded by the architectural beauty of Ancient Rome, Forme reinterprets the shapes and colors of the Classical Age both in its ceramic and glass product lines. 

Forme's ceramics are modeled with black clay which gives strength and adds a special transparency to the collection. Additionally, glass items are handmade using glass fusing and sculpture techniques.

Customized glass and ceramic dinner sets are available. Send us an e-mail for more info.

Care Instructions: 

  • Hand wash
  • Variant: Large / Deep
  • In Stock: 2
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Product Type: Ceramic

Cofane Bianche - Handmade Ceramic...

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Italy's charm lies in its remarkable regional diversity.

From the snowy peaks of the Alps in the north to the sun-kissed shores of Sicily in the south, each region boasts its own unique culture, history, and artistic expression.

The difference is not just in the landscapes but also in the architectural styles, culinary traditions, and local customs.

The diversity is so profound that traveling from one region to another feels like stepping into a different country, offering an endless exploration of Italy's multifaceted beauty.