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Le Spezie - Handmade artistic Porcelain Dinner Plate

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Style | Cumin

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Handmade by: Matilde Studio  

Color:  White base 

Material: Porcelain


Dinner Plate: 26 cm.

Pasta bowl: 19 cm. x 6 cm. h

Side plate: 21 cm.


About the Product:

Le Spezie (=Spices) is a collection of six exquisite porcelain dinner plates, on a design created exclusively for DishesOnly, each intricately hand-painted by the skilled artisan Matilde. A mix of tradition and modern pattern.

Complete the collection with side plates and salad bowl - available in different colors.

->> Given that all items are custom made, please consider approx. 4 weeks for production if not in stock.

Cumin Infusion Plate: A vibrant display of warm tones capturing the essence of cumin, portraying its essence and aromatic nature. The flowers, June to August, are white or pink and are gathered in umbels. The fruits are dark brown.

Saffron Elegance Plate: Radiating with the vivid golden-orange tones of saffron, this plate exudes luxury and opulence. Matilde's brushstrokes create a mesmerizing pattern, reminiscent of saffron blossoms gracefully dancing across the porcelain canvas. 

Turmeric Delight Plate: On this plate, the vibrant and healthful turmeric spice takes center stage. A burst of vivid pink and orange hues, echoing the brightness and energetic character of turmeric.

Black Pepper Harmony Plate: A composition of deep ebony and rich gray interwoven elegantly, portraying the depth and intensity of black pepper. The plate's design mirrors the spice's sharpness and distinct peppery flavor.

Ginger Zest Plate: Delicate strokes of pink and gold come together to reflect the warmth and zest of ginger. The plate's intricate detailing design embodies the spice's invigorating aroma and subtle spiciness.

Cinnamon Serenade Plate: A fusion of delicate white and green tones, mirroring the comforting and aromatic nature of cinnamon. The plate's clean patterns evoke the spice's gentle sweetness and unmistakable fragrance.

Each of these plates is a work of art, capturing the soul of the spice it represents. Whether displayed as decor or used for special occasions, this unique porcelain collection, adds a touch of sophistication and flavor to your dining table.

About the Collection:

Le Spezie is an exclusive collection designed for DishesOnly, born from an encounter between Matilde and Anna, DishesOnly Founder.

Boasting over 30 years of experience as one of Italy's leading porcelain decorators, Matilde's mastery and passion come alive in these artistic creations, where culinary and artistic worlds converge. She uses hand-painting porcelain techniques from the seventeenth century and her works are characterized by in-depth chromatic studies. Colors are her distinctive trademark. Matilde gets inspired by nature, flowers and animal subjects and by abstract pattern. As she likes to say “porcelain decoration requires a high versatile manual skill and a deep knowledge of ancient techniques”.

In this unique porcelain dinner set, Matilde brings to life the spice's distinctive flavor, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Care Instructions: 

  • Dishwasher Safe - gentle cycle
  • Do not place in microwave.
  • Variant: Cumin
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Le Spezie - Handmade artistic...

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Italy's charm lies in its remarkable regional diversity.

From the snowy peaks of the Alps in the north to the sun-kissed shores of Sicily in the south, each region boasts its own unique culture, history, and artistic expression.

The difference is not just in the landscapes but also in the architectural styles, culinary traditions, and local customs.

The diversity is so profound that traveling from one region to another feels like stepping into a different country, offering an endless exploration of Italy's multifaceted beauty.