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About Us

We are on a mission to furnish your tables with unique design.

In today's world of crazy industrialized mass production, dishesonly represents a distinct alternative. Our team of dedicated buyers travel the world visiting an eclectic mix of selected brands, mom-and-pop workshops, and individual artisan studios looking for the most innovative, visually-interesting, and luxurious dinnerware, serveware, and cookware to match your personality and taste. Whether you enjoy rustic or modern tableware (or both!), you'll be amazed and inspired by our offerings.   

We are proudly eccentric.

Lovers of exclusive design, we celebrate our quirkiness by offering products for those of you looking for curious and unusual things, in order to be different.

We are Italians. Style, it's in our DNA.

There are no rules to create a personal style. The only rule is to select high quality products. And that is what we are offering you: objects with a strong temper and personality, designed to add charm and intrigue to your home, but also exceptional one-off pieces with rich backstories.