Aperitivo, a.k.a happy hour, is a fundamental aspect in Italian life and culture. It's a time to unwind after work, taste delicious snacks and tapas, enjoy a refreshing aperitif, and catch up with friends. The products in this special collection are perfect for displaying or serving your favorite appetizer creations.

The finest quality terracotta clay is used to create marvelous handmade dinnerware, serveware, cookware, and dinnerware: discover our unique and elegant collections.

Discover our handmade collection of unique serveware: you can find a wide range of Cheese Board Sets, Cool Trays and Slate Platters that are perfect for your gatherings or gifts.

Gorgeous handmade dishes created in a Classic style. Elegant, refined, and timeless. Shop now our collections of Dinnerware, Dishes, Bowls and others products.

Find unique handmade and brilliantly designed serveware bowls in various materials such as wood, ceramic, porcelain, and stoneware. Many products are designed appositely for Dishesonly.

Handmade, hand-painted dinner sets, serveware, and bowls created in a country or rustic-chic style. Shop now our collections.

Discover a diverse collection of small side plates perfect for delicious side dishes and even happy hour: our side plates are elegant and made in several materials as porcelain or ceramic.

Dinnerware sets from various artisans: our products are unique, limited edition or made appositely for Dishesonly.


Luxury is the charm of an essential and refined style. Find the one that best suits you.

Dinner Sets, Dinner Plates, Chargers, Bowls and Platters Beautifully Handmade by Italian Artisans. 

We can customize patterns and colors, creating dinnerware pieces just for you, and we can also make your gift more special sending you the video of the creation of the platter that you choose. Watch this!

Founded by Rita Rivelli and Giorgio Funaro in 1973, Studio Forme Roma has been an artistic institution in the city of Rome for over 40 years. Renowned for their restoration projects in famous palaces and churches, they now bring to you a line of glassware inspired by the Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque artifacts they've brought back to life.

A curated selection of dinner sets and breakfast sets just for two. A perfect gift for a couple!

Dishesonly offers to you an exclusive collection of handmade side plates from Italian  artisan studio Giovelab. Joyous, passionate, and poetic, each ceramic creation invokes the same sense of childhood wonder and magic felt by Alice as she fell down the Rabbit Hole.

The glassware collection at Dishesonly isn't your typical array of wine glasses. We offer  you a wide collection of plates, pasta bowls, and platters.

Dinner Sets, Dinner Plates, Chargers, Bowls and Platters Beautifully Handmade by Italian Artisans. 

We can customize patterns and colors, creating dinnerware pieces just for you, and we can also make your gift more special sending you the video of the creation of the platter that you choose. Watch this!


Porcelain, ceramic, resin and glass dinner sets and tableware, all handmade by artisans from Italy and all over the world.

Bring home authentic handmade dishes that will amaze your guests.

A diverse range of artisanal side bowls in various colors and materials. Perfect for serving side dishes, breakfast cereals, ice cream, and snacks.

Discover our immaculately crafted artisan soup and pasta bowls. Available in a wide range of colors. materials, and styles. Many of our products are unique or limited edition.

Hans is an eclectic German artist and craftsman. After an apprenticeship with Master Jörg von Manz, Hans refined his style by traveling abroad and practicing in different potteries in Italy as well as in Germany. He has been producing sculptures and ceramics for more than 30 years using the most innovative methods and techniques stemming from the best elements of the European and International tradition.

His workshop is in Passau, Germany where he has lived and worked since 1983.



Hans has exhibited his works in several galleries and museums. This is a selection of his main exhibitions and awards:

Deutsche Keramik, Japan 2000- 2002
Stiftung Keramion, Frechen 2002
Kunstverein Passau 2003
Symposium Gmunden 2003, with exh. in Keramikmuseum Grimmerhus, Middelfart and Europäisches Industriemuseum, Selb-Plößberg
Premio Faenza 2005
Intonation (2005) Deidesheimer Kunsttage
Kunstverein Burghausen, Kunstforum Solothurn 2007
Exempla München 2010
Haus 10 Fürstenfeldbruck , mit Ch. Möller 2011
Neue Galerie Landshut mit P. Köppl 2012
Chordonhaus Cham 2013

Discover high-quality dinner sets of some of the best designers and artisans.

Luxury is the charm of an essential and refined style. Find the one that best suits you.

Dinner Sets & Dishware 100% Handmade by Italian Artisans. Bring Home the Authentic Italian Style!

Extraordinary Gifts for Mom!  

Discover stunning porcelain dishware made by designers from Italy and all over the world.

Potter's Workshop is a South African artisan studio renowned for its ability to create tableware with extraordinary pops of color and signature beaded patterns. Inspired by indigenous art and entirely sculpted and paint by hand, e ach dish produced in studio is by itself an incredible collector's piece, but also is perfect for everyday use. The flower range product line is the perfect example of Potter's maniacal attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship. Look at each bowls's elegant decorations and admire the delicacy of the shapes and the lightness of the ceramic.
American designer Tina Frey uses high-quality food-safe resin to mold her bright, colorful, and cheerful handmade dinnerware and serveware: discover her exclusive products.

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. Make everyone feel special with the right dinnerware and serveware.

White and pastel colors, spotted edges, vintage looks and delicate motifs for a perfect shabby-chic style.

Get inspired by our slate platters and cheese boards: a contemporary tableware essential, incredibly multifunctional and durable, that adds glam to any social setting.

Discover our collection of meticulously crafted handmade ceramic and resin Cake Stands perfect for buffet style dinners, aperitif, and teatime. 

Wide selection of unique and elegant dinner plates: we craft an accurate selection of products distinguished for italian style and taste.

Discover our assortment of Italian unique and original platters of handmade ceramic, glass, and resin from artisans such as Tina Frey, Forme Roma, Virginia Casa, and Hans Fischer.

Handmade and hand-painted dinner plates, pasta and soup bowls, and serving platters designed in a retro, vintage style. Browse our elegant collections.

Special gifts for unforgettable moments

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A timeless "total white" look for your table 

Discover our unique or limited collections of Wooden Bowls, Dinnerware and Dinner Plates made by top designers. Some products are made exclusively for Dishesonly.


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